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Loop Methods has helped us  jump ahead of competition by developing a robust and scalable platform and optimizing our site to appear among the top few positions on key search engines and developing the best platform. They have a clear understanding of meta search engine space and search engine trends and are abreast with each engine’s latest search algorithms.

Leading Online Retail Provider

We are very satisfied with the quality of services provided by Loop Methods. I would like to congratulate you for handling our account well and hats off to your teams for giving us a class-apart solutions. What we came up with was an idea and Loop Methods developed a fully fledged business platform around it. Looking forward to a long-term association with Loop Methods.

Founder & CEO
Leading Business Group

Weeks ahead of schedule!! Great Job to all involved. I would like to thank Loop Methods and its team for an excellent job.

One of the Top Investment Management Company
Abu Dhabi

Agile Development

For successful execution of projects Loop Methods uses Agile Development Methodology. The adoption of AGILE at Loop Methods helps in overriding problems by providing benefits of accelerated delivery cycles, Improved quality and productivity / reduced cost, increased project visibility and ability to adapt to and match rapidly changing business needs Loop has extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the Agile methods practiced in the industry, its benefits, applicability in different scenarios and constraints. Loop Agile life-cycle model is based on SCRUM and XP. LEAN techniques are leveraged for enhancing the agile methodology for better results. We also leverage on agile tools for project management and engineering as required to enable the Agile development effort further.

The Agile deployment model consists of five different phases:

  • Agile assessment framework
  • Deployment planning
  • Initial deployment
  • Post-iteration workshop method
  • Continuous improvement of organizational practices

Benefits of using Agile Development for projects:

  • Cost effectiveness: Agile Model defines a collection of values, principles and practices pertaining to effective, light-weight modeling and documentation.
  • It defines explicit techniques for agile projects. Agile Model addresses the issue of how agile developers model and document on software projects taking an agile approach such as extreme Programming (XP), Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), or SCRUM.
  • Higher Productivity: Agile teams are self-organizing, by definition, with no true leader. In this format all team members contribute and gain wider product knowledge in a shorter period, enhancing flexibility in resource deployment as well as a better understanding of the business issues that create more opportunities for innovative solutions.
  • Responsiveness to Change: Agile assumes that all requirements cannot be known at the start. Shorter build periods, daily check-in and re-prioritization allows for the greater flexibility required responding to an ever-changing world.
  • Better Communication, Visibility and Control: Agile demands ongoing communication between onshore and offshore teams and between development and product marketing. Rapid development cycles and daily check-in for feature and schedule refinement ensure transparency on progress.
  • Higher Quality: Agile places a premium on quality – working software is the way to measure progress in Agile. The Continuous integration and regression testing results in catching bugs very early in the development cycle, resulting in quality improvement and reduced cost of quality.
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